InfusionLight solution gives direct visibility to the ongoing intravenous therapy, also remotely with the InfusionLight app. The InfusionLight device is easily clipped into common drip sets and the display clearly shows infusion speed.

InfusionLight saves nurse's time and steps as infusion monitoring can be done remotely. The reaction time shortens when nurses have an immediate visibility to InfusionLight assisted infusions and get the notifications remotely. Besides improved patient safety, the wards also become more patient-friendly when less alarms are heard, especially during the night-time.

Our user-friendly solution notably eases the nurses' work while saving time and improving the quality and safety of care.
In our solution, the possibility for remote care is one of the key features. This is made possible with the wireless connection between the InfusionLight device and the InfusionLight app, which enables remote monitoring. The InfusionLight app shows the status of all the infusions that are equipped with the InfusionLight devices. 

InfusionLight mobile application:
  • provides updates on infusion progress
  • enables the creation of new infusion procedures
  • and updating existing ones
  • estimates the time to complete the process
  • notifies of infusion rate deviation
  • fast device assignment with QR code scanning
  • adds value to the world!

Optical sensor


Color display


Speed rate


Silicon button

  • Gets the speed rate of infusion
  • Suitable for common drip sets
  • Precise optical sensor
  • Sealed case
  • Works over 10 hour
  • Bluetooth LE based location service
  • Color display signals a rejection or an error

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